Camping101: Intro to Primitive Camping! Zaleski State Forest

We are looking for 10 or more individuals to join us for our very first educational camping experience! We will be heading down to Zaleski State Forest and group camping at Lake Hope State Park for just one night. We will cover everything a beginner needs to know about primitive or "dry" camping. How to set up your camp, start your fire, camp saftey and food storage/preparation. We will hit the trail, explore the haunted Moonville Tunnel, and cruise the open water on our iSUPs. Campfire cooking demos, morning yoga session and great company are just a few highlights of this event! All recreational equipment including tents, iSUPs, and all meals are provided by WILD4 Recreation. Don't miss your opportunity to join in on the fun. C'mon guys..lets be adventurers!

**This event is open to men and women. All ages welcome!**

After reservation is made WILD4 Rec will email an itinerary along with specific instructions on packing, departure and arrival times. Transportation to and from the campground may be available for no extra charge, but is limited to the first 10 people. Please note if you have any allergies to food or environment. All campers are encouraged to bring along any snacks they would like for in between meals. Sack lunch, campfire dinner and breakfast will be provided. All events are B.Y.O.B so don't forget your favorite beverage to sip around the campfire. See you there!!!

***Cost is $98 per person and includes all meals and activities, along with iSUP demo and usage on the water!****

Click on the link below to reserve your spot NOW!